9 – 11 May 2018, Arabella Hotel & Spa, Hermanus, South Africa


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We are thrilled to announce Mthunzi Mdwaba as one of our key speakers at the Enterprise of the Future forum

Mr Mthunzi Mdwaba, CEO of TZoro IBC, has built his career partly as an entrepreneur and partly in corporate, as deal-maker and negotiator. He has previously been one of the Vice Presidents at Business Unity South Africa (“BUSA”), the apex business organisation in South Africa, and was the Group CEO of Torque IT South Africa until November 2010, a world-class company dedicated to computer technical training solutions.

He has recently been appointed onto the Global Commission for the Future of work co-chaired by the Presidents of Sweden and Mauritius.

He is a governing body member of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), a United Nations Multilateral Agency, representing SADC, and at which he is the spokesman for the PFA (Programme, Finance and Administration) on behalf of all employers/private sector organisations throughout the world in which the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) has members.

He is on the management board of the IOE. Both organisations are based in Geneva, Switzerland. He is also the Chairman for the CSR and the Business Human Rights Policy Working Group of the IOE for all employers throughout the world. In addition, he sits on the Board of the ILO Training Centre in Turin. A global investor and entrepreneur, Mr Mdwaba has since June 2014 been appointed Vice-President, Africa at the IOE, the only recognised body representing the interests of employers in international social and labour policy matters, with members in over 150 countries. This appointment has awarded Mr Mdwaba the opportunity to oversee political matters concerning employers and business organisations on the Continent. He sits on the Advisory Board of AccountAbility, a CSR and Strategy Development company based in New York, with offices in London and other localities. He has also been appointed as the Chairman of Productivity SA from February 2015 by the Minister of Labour. Mthunzi is regularly invited to speak, deliver speeches and participate on panels in many parts of the world, which he enjoys doing immensely.